Nottingham 2019 talks

On 28 Sept 2019 we were in cornerstone church in Nottingham for a brilliant, jam-packed day of teaching and training.

We weren’t able to record all of the practical seminars (some wouldn’t make sense without being there anyway), but below you will find recordings of the 3 main session talks. The first, a short bible reading with Adrian Reynolds (FIEC) into the wonder of the Jesus we praise in Rev 5, followed by two talks from Paul Mallard on Singing with Joy through life. How do we as Christians, and as music leaders, not only sing with joy and confidence ourselves, no matter what we are facing, but how to we serve our people with all the many complex and painful life experiences they are facing.

Also attached is the conference booklet, so you can have a look at handouts.

We hope these encourage you as you listen!

(they will soon be availbale in podcast form too, if that is helpful)

Adrian Reynolds in Rev 5 on ‘Exalting Jesus’
Paul Mallard- Singing with joy through life 1: the call to sing- Ps 66
Paul Mallard- Singing with joy through life 2: why do we sing

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