our aim

Music Ministry exists to serve the local church in helping leadership teams and individuals to serve God with the gifts he has given them in music. We value this ministry because Colossians 3:16 shows us it is a ministry of God’s Word, to build up his church.

The conferences serve to teach existing church musicians both theologically and practically to be more effective in the local church.

The training/apprenticeships serve those looking to serve full or part-time on a staff team in a local church, or those already doing so.

why music ministry?

  • because we believe that Colossians 3:16 is true and music plays a critical roll within God’s church, helping us let the Word of Christ dwell in us richly.
  • because we believe that music ministry has lacked priority within many local churches for a long time and needs to be encouraged, developed and grown to help God’s people ‘Rejoice in the Lord’ and be filled with ‘an inexpressible and glorious joy (1 Peter 1:8)’.
  • because we believe music is such an important part of todays society. To reach this nation with the gospel, the music of the local church needs not to be a stumbling block to hearing the good news of Jesus but rather a tool.




Andy Fenton


Andy is currently the minister of Christ Church Earlsfield. He leads the ‘Music Ministry’ team and has also led the music at a number of conferences such as London Men’s & Women’s Conventions, Keswick Convention, Bible by the Beach and numerous youth conferences. He is married Sarah and has two sons.


Andrew McKenna

Team Member / Teaching

Andrew serves as Associate Minister at ChristChurch Banstead where he oversees the music ministry. He holds an MA degree in Theology where his work focused on the biblical theology of singing. He loves to teach and train church musicians and to help congregations value the sung word of God. Andrew is married to Ruth and they have two sons.


Matt Dennis

Team member / PA training

Matt is the Music Coordinator at Christ Church Fulwood, Sheffield and also runs Resound Audio: a small business providing a range of professional audio services, often working with Christian conferences and local churches throughout the UK. He is married to Stephi and together they are passionate about helping God’s people to engage with his Word through song; through quality, recorded music and serving in the local church.


Richard Simpkin

Apprentice training

Richard is married to Philly, and they have two boys. They are all part of the church family at St Helen’s Bishopsgate, where Richard has overseen the music since 1995. He has written a regular article on church music in Evangelicals Now since 2004. Considering both these things, he’s feeling quite old.


Ben Slee

Apprentice training / Songwriters

Ben is passionate about writing songs that let the gospel dwell richly in us, and training musicians help congregations to sing. He is a past music ministry apprentice and now helps to train the next generation.  He is married to Sarah, has a daughter Abi, and serves as music director at Christ Church Mayfair in London.


Richard Powell

Finance Officer

Richard oversees the music at Emmanuel Bristol. He was an organ scholar in Cambridge, spent nine years as assistant director of music at Emmanuel Wimbledon, two years on the Cornhill Training Course and six years as full-time director of music at St Andrew the Great Cambridge. He moved to Bristol in 2007. He is married to Helen and has two teenage sons. He is especially interested in encouraging worship leaders to see themselves as word ministers and to choose songs that serve the preaching.


Heather Cowan

Creative / Administration

Heather is a full time mum, part time creative, currently living in Oxford with her husband Andy, and two toddlers.

She is a past music ministry apprentice, and is passionate about training up musicians to serve wherever they are, so that people can sing awesome truths confidently to the Lord.   She especially loves arranging songs to be easily played within the local church.