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truewor_medium.imyyaqlbeclq6viwrzroyknj6boguituIt’s taken a while, but I finally got around to reading Bob Kauflin’s latest book ‘True Worshippers’. I’m slightly regretting that fact now, because personally and also for my own ministry (and I’m sure for that of many others) I found it such a helpful and encouraging tome to read. But it isn’t weighty to the point of impenetrability, but like Bob himself, it exudes warmth and delight in the Lord Jesus with a passion to keep God’s Word central in every chapter.

So whether you are involved in leading music at your local church, or you just have a keen interest in music, this book is certainly for you. Buy a few copies; get your music team together over a coffee, a gin and tonic or whatever is your tipple and chapter by chapter read through and discuss both the doctrine and practical wisdom which is littered throughout specifically for you.

But even if you aren’t involved in leading music, don’t ignore this treasure! This is an easy book to read and it teaches exactly as it proposes in the sub-title, ‘Seeking what matters to God’. However, be prepared! This book will humble you as you see your need for God and it will delight you as you grasp more deeply the blessings of Christ and His church. It will encourage you as you seek to serve Him and to make him known.

To close, a few tips for when reading this book…

  • Be prepared to wrap the cover in some more subtle / tasteful covering. I’m not sure what IVP were thinking when they decided the vomituous colour palette for the front cover, but please be warned!
  • Read this book with your bible open alongside. Kauflin cross-references a great deal. This is not a criticism, but you will gain so much more if you read the book chapter by chapter, slowly and deliberately reading every passage referenced.
  • Lastly please warn, pre-emptively hug and pray for any friends who are tone deaf that may read this. Kauflin says ‘If you’re tone deaf, it might be good to restrain yourself just a little. But not completely’. Of course Kauflin is right, none of us want to be a distraction in the gathering, true worshippers will want to build up their brothers and sisters in Christ. But to my tone deaf friends I simply say, “sing loud”, because your dulcet tuneless melodies are a joy to my heart and to God!

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