Cambridge Training Day
29 February 2020
10:00 - 16:30
Christ Church Cambridge

To God
Be Glory:

wholehearted worship,
humble service

What is whole-hearted worship; both as we gather on a Sunday and throughout the rest of the week? How does worship as we gather relate to our lives of worship? What is the role of music and how does God get the glory?

Join us as we open up God’s Word together, examining these questions and many more.

Main speaker

Andy Fenton

Andy is associate minister at Christ Church Kensington, but is released to serve with Music Ministry, teaching and training with churches up and down the UK . He leads the ‘Music Ministry’ team and has also led the music at a number of conferences such as London Men’s & Women’s Conventions, Keswick Convention, Bible by the Beach and numerous youth conferences. He is married Sarah and has two sons.


Please choose one from each column when booking.

Workshops 1

Vocals part 1. Alison Thomas

Church guitar. Andy Fenton

Drums and bass.
Matt Bennington & Stew Garry

Melody instruments. Katie Lewis

Church keyboard. Matt MacGregor

Workshops 2

Vocals part 2. Alison Thomas

Leading music in small churches. Andy Fenton

Growing as a music leader.
Matt Bennington & Stew Garry

Band masterclass.
Matt MacGregor and band

Alison Thomas

Vocals Workshop

If you are a singer at your church then we’d love to invite you to join these two workshops. Across the time we will think biblically and practically about a range of topics including song leading, growing in confidence, vocal technique and harmonies. There will be time to ask questions and learn from each other, and you will have the opportunity to sing as well (if you want to!).

Matt Benninton

‘Bass & Drums’ Workshop

In this workshop we will explore how these two instruments should lock together to provide the rhythmic and dynamic foundation for any song. We’ll consider their place in a wider church band and discuss playing in different time signatures, improving technique, keeping tempo, helping shape a song, fills, groove and feel. There will also be space to ask questions and chat through common pitfalls and challenges – we’ll try to keep to time!


‘Growing as a music leader’ Workshop

Leading church music a privilege and a godly responsibility. If you are involved with – or would like to be in the future – choosing songs, directing band rehearsals, leading congregational sung worship or any other form of musical oversight then this workshop is for you. We’ll think though Biblical principles for the task and encourage one another to grow as faithful servants of Christ in music ministry.

Matt Macgregor

Band Masterclass

What’s the difference between half a dozen people playing the same song at the same time and a band playing a song together, and why does the Bible care about this question? A practical seminar for all who play or lead music in church music groups.

Matt MacGregor

Church keyboard: Hands for all seasons

How can we use the piano’s vast versatility creatively, wisely and to the glory of God? For all who play piano or keyboards in church, any ability, any context.

Andy Fenton

Church Guitar

Making things more simple when leading on a guitar. Including; priorities to consider when leading and playing, use of capo and lots more helpful tips.

Katie Lewis

Melody instruments

In this session we’ll think about what melody instruments can contribute to band-led worship - what our role is and how we can create both texture and melody that helps the congregation engage with the words they’re singing. We’ll have plenty of time to actually play and share our thoughts & experiences - please do bring your instrument if you’re up for playing! Any melody instruments welcome whatever you play.

Andy Fenton

Leading in Small Churches

Leading music in a small church is often challenging, this seminar will help us consider the practical and spiritual priorities, alongside having appropriate expectations.

Cambridge Training Day
29 February 2020

To God
Be Glory:

wholehearted worship,
humble service