Music for, from and facing the church

A number of years ago, I read this helpful post by Mike Cosper, who in turn is building on the work of Harold Best. The framework they put forward has stuck with me as a useful tool to help evaluate what we are doing as Christians who make music. “What type…


| Hillsong Worship – Awake | Review

Hillsong Worship have recently released a new album named 'Awake'. It's their first studio album in a long time and it is a beauty in terms of production. Slick, interesting, emotional, and filled with musically beautiful songs. However.. lyrically, we might have some issues.


A day in the life of an apprentice

I recently learned from my boss that I got my place on the Music Apprenticeship Scheme on the strength of being able to tune a guitar successfully. What he didn’t know of course, was that was about as far as my guitar skills extended. Thankfully however over the course of…


Theology of the Arts- Part 1

  The Way Things Are “I always said God was against art and I still believe it. Anything obscene or trivial is blessed in this world and has a reward – I ask for no reward – only to live and to hear my work.” Such were Edward Elgar’s words…

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