How sound is our upgrade plan? Church techs: you know what it's like, you turn up early to set things up, then you begin to discover step by step that things have changed since you last were on duty. You can't find enough XLRs and all the batteries are dead..…


Friendly fire-the tech vs muso problem

Scenario: It's 5 minutes before the service is due to start and the band leader is getting stressed because the sound guy has had a battery-related catastrophe and is nowhere to be seen as he attempts to source new ones. Or the sound guy is getting frustrated and pleading for…


A lesson on listening

Sound Engineer. It’s a title that appeals to anyone who has ever looked at a machine covered in knobs, buttons and lights and thought, ‘I want to know how that works’. It appeals to anyone who knows the difference between a sine wave and a square wave, or who can…

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