Theology of the Arts – Part 4

  Welcome back to our brief(ish) four-part trawl through the murky waters of art theology. We began, effectively, by asking the question: “How do we answer when we’re asked to justify art?” This demand for justification is something that artists are familiar with. It might come from parents: “Don’t you…



I found out recently that the only reason my parents allowed me to take out a student loan was that they never expected me to earn enough to get over the threshold required to have to pay it back!! Good to know I never inspired much confidence as a high…

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Friendly fire-the tech vs muso problem

Scenario: It's 5 minutes before the service is due to start and the band leader is getting stressed because the sound guy has had a battery-related catastrophe and is nowhere to be seen as he attempts to source new ones. Or the sound guy is getting frustrated and pleading for…