Songs for Streams

Below are a number of songs that friends of ours have recorded for use in their own churches, with lyrics included. They are recorded to varying degrees of quality, and most are by no means meant to be professional! But if you are in a small church, with limited resources, and would like to be able to include some songs in your sunday livestream, then please feel free to download these and insert into your service as you wish

Remember to make sure you have the appropriate streaming licence in place. (check this blog if unsure what you need)

Hopefully this list will grow as lockdown continues, so do check back, or even request something you would like to include! We may be able to help you out.


Abide with me (from Grace Community Church)

All creatures of our God and King (from Grace Community Church)

All Glory (from Ben Clube)

All Praise to Him ( from Grace Community Church)

Amazing grace (from St Helens Bishopsgate)

A mighty fortress is our God. (from David Tubbs)

Ancient of Days (from Grace Community Church)

Before the Throne (from Music Ministry)

Behold the Lamb (from Dundonald)

Behold the power of his word (from Music Ministry)

Behold our God (from St Peters Fulham)

Be strong and courageous (kids song) (from Michael J Tinker)

Be thou my vision (from Dundonald)

Bless the Lord (10,000 reasons) (from Grace Community Church)

Blessed be your name (from Ben Clube)

Brick after Brick (kids song) (from Liam Chilton)

Christ is Risen, he is risen indeed. (from St Peters Fulham)

Christ is mine forevermore (from St Helens Bishopsgate)

Christ will be my hidaway (from St Peters Fulham)

Christ the word from everlasting (from St Peters Fulham)

Clap your hands (kids song) (from Emu Kids)

Come and See (kids song) (from Michael J Tinker)

Come Lord Jesus (from Grace Community Church)

Come people of the risen King (from Grace Church Highlands)

Come thou fount (from Dundonald)

Creation Awaits (from Emu)

Creator God. (from St Peters Fulham)

Crown Him with many crowns (from Dundonald)

Consider Christ (from Emu)

Cornerstone (from Dundonald)

Creation sings (from St Helens Bishopsgate)

Creator of all Things (from Music Ministry)

Crown Him with many crowns (from Simon Rowell)

Dr Jesus (kids song) (from Awesome Cutlery)

Facing a task unfinished (from Music Ministry)

Gracious Father, Son and Spirit (from Dundonald)

Go and make disciples (kids song) (from Awesome Cutlery)

God made everything (kids song) (from Awesome Cutlery)

God moves in a mysterious way (from Grace Community Church)

God is working his purpose out (from Kate McNab)

God the uncreated one (from Grace Community Church)

Grace (from St Helens Bishopsgate)

Grace Alone (from Ben Clube)

Great is thy faithfulness (from Phil Moore)

Guide me O thou great redeemer (from James Williams)

He is our God (from Dundonald)

Here is love. (from David Tubbs)

He’s coming back again (kids song) (from Awesome Cutlery)

He will hold me fast (from Andy and Heather)

Hymn of the Saviour (from Emu)

Hear the call of the Kingdom (from Simon Rowell)

His mercy is more. (from David Tubbs)

Holy Holy Holy (from Ben Clube)

How deep the Father’s love (from Grace CHurch Highlands)

How great thou art (from St. Helens Bishopsgate)

I cannot tell (from Music Ministry)

I heard the voice of Jesus say (from Simon Rowell)

In Christ (kids song) (from Awesome Cutlery)

In Christ Alone (from Music Ministry)

It is well with my soul (from Phil Moore)

It’s a light and a hammer (kids song) (from Awesome Cutlery)

It’s all about grace (kids song) (from Michael J Tinker)

I stand amazed in the presence (from Dundonald)

I will glory in my redeemer (from Grace Community Church)

I will sing the wonderous story (from Dundonald)

Jerusalem (good friday ver.:no v4) (from David Tubbs)

Jesus is the Hero (kids song) (from Michael J Tinker)

Jesus paid it all (from Music Ministry)

Jesus when you died (kids song) (from Awesome Cutlery)

Joy in the morning (from Dundonald)

King of Kings (from Dundonald)

King of Love (from Emu)

Let everything that has breath (From Mike and Mark)

Let your Kingdom come (from Simon Rowell)

Look and see (from Simon Rowell)

Love Divine (from Emu)

Man of sorrows (Hillsong) (from David Tubbs)

Man of sorrows what a name (from David Tubbs)

May the peoples praise you (from Simon Rowell)

Mighty to save (from Dundonald)

My song is love unknown (from Grace Church Highlands)

My Worth is not in what I own (from Mike and Mark)

Never Alone (from Emu)

No other name (from Emu)

Now why this fear (from Music Ministry)

O Love (carry me) (from James Williams)

O for a thousand tongues to sing (from Simon Rowell)

O Great God ( from Co-Mission)

O Lord, my rock and my redeemer (from David Tubbs)

O praise the name: Anastasis (from grace Community Church)

Oh to see the dawn (from David Tubbs)

Only a Holy God (from Music Ministry)

Praise my soul the King of Heaven (from Emu)

Praise to the Lord, the almighty (from St Helens Bishopsgate)

Relentless Love (kids song) (from Michael J Tinker)

Rejoice (come and stand before your maker) (from SImon Rowell)

Rejoice the Lord is King (from Emu)

Rock of Ages (from Dundonald)

Saviour of the World (from Dundonald)

See Him Face to Face (from Co-mission)

See the Lamb of God (from St Helens Bishopsgate)

Strength will rise (from Dundonald)

Take Heart (from Emu)

Take my life and let it be (from Andy and Heather)

The love of the Father (from Dundonald)

The God of Abraham Praise (from Music Ministry)

The Hero (kids song) (from Awesome Cutlery)

There is a higher throne (from St Helens Bishopsgate)

There is a hope (from Simon Rowell)

There’s a party coming (kids song) (Michael J Tinker)

Thine be the glory (from David Tubbs)

This I believe (from Grace CHurch Highlands)

This life I live (from Emu)

We are the church (kids song) (from Awesome Cutlery)

We belong to the day (from Emu)

We declare (from Emu)

Where O Grave (from David Tubbs)

What a friend we have in Jesus (from Phil Moore)

When I survey (from St Helens Bishopsgate)

Who O Lord could save themselves (you alone can rescue) (from Kate McNab)

Who you say i am (from Dundonald)

Yet not I (from Mark and Matt)

You’re the word of God the Father (from Grace Church Highlands)

Your Word (from Emu)

You servants of God, your master proclaim! (from St Helens Bishopsgate)

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  1. Barnaby Wainwright

    Our church has been using the program iSingWorship for our music. There’s a small cost associated with it, but we’ve found it incredibly useful.

    (I’m not associated with them in any way, I just wanted to share!)

  2. Oliver Tucker
    Oliver Tucker

    Hi Heather, all the Simon Rowell links on this page don’t work? Any chance of getting the links to his google drive fixed? love to have access to some of them!

    1. Heather Cowan

      I’m really sorry there have been issues, and I’m only seeing this comment now!! I can’t see any problems on this end though, did you manage to get the access you needed?

  3. Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore

    Many thanks for these. Excellent resource. Is there any chance of having the Music Ministry provided songs as downloadable links rather than links to YouTube.

    1. Heather Cowan

      Hi Andrew, they should all be links to googledrive and downloadable videos, have you spotted one that is youtube?

  4. Tom Brassil
    Tom Brassil

    Thanks so much for sharing these links, Heather! I’ve only just discovered this list, so I feel very late to the party. Are you looking for more submissions for the list? I’ve recorded several songs for our church over the past 8 months, which others would be welcome to use.

  5. Phil Weber
    Phil Weber

    This will be very useful – thank you. I notice “O Holy Night (from Grace Church Guilford)” is no longer available – “No longer available. File is in owner’s trash” – do you know if this is intentional, or an error?

  6. Tim Ambrose
    Tim Ambrose

    Thanks so much for this HUGE help to a smaller church like ours (whose musicians bust a gut in December recording carols but now wake up in the New Year with another mountain to climb!). This helps our singing enormously.

    Just to help this work (and sorry to be a pain), I’ve spotted these broken links:
    ‘God the uncreated one’ (Grace Community Church)
    ‘Gracious Father, Son and Spirit’ (Dundonald)

  7. Rebecca Jenkins
    Rebecca Jenkins

    Hi Heather, thanks so much for collating this amazing resource. It has been such a blessing to us at Christchurch Baldock. I don’t know if you’re aware but all the Michael J Tinker songs are unavailable.

  8. Phil Weber
    Phil Weber

    Hello, last year you had several (really helpful) videos for Christmas carols. Are you likely to make these available again?

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