Sheffield Music Ministry Conference 8/6/13

Last Saturday some 90 musicians from a range of churches across the North of England gathered for the first ever Sheffield Music Ministry Conference.

Thanks to those of you who joined us, we’re praying that the day will have challenged, inspired and resourced you to keep going faithfully in Music Ministry. I was reminded again of the great benefit and encouragement there is in simply meeting and talking with others doing similar work in different places.

We were also privileged to be joined by Andrew Towner who took on the colossal task of teaching the whole book of Ephesians in two sessions, helping us to understand ‘Music Ministry and the Spirit Filled Life’. It was humbling and exciting to learn that the God of the universe is making his manifold wisdom known through us – the church (Eph 3:10). It was a joy to dwell again on the wonderful benefits and privileges we receive in the gospel (Eph. 1). It was challenging to hear again that all our music and singing is to bring great glory and praise to God as we prefer the needs of others.

We also devoted time to practical training in seminars. It was a thrill to have so many, so willing to learn, and so many great questions asked as we learned to play better as bands, honed our PA skills, worked on transitioning from piano to keys or considered the challenges of Music Ministry for church leaders and pastors.

If you were there and would like details on the songs that we did, click here for a list of what was done and where to find them.

Many (both those who attended and those who couldn’t) have asked if we’ll be running the conference again. The answer is most certainly yes! Watch this space for details. In the mean time be sure to check back here soon to listen to the Ephesians talks again.

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