Our Infectiously Clean King

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding our social interactions as humans really surreal at the minute.  The way people cross the road to avoid each other, visibly hold their breath when passing by, wear masks and gloves and disinfect everything that may possibly have been touched by anyone else.  All of a sudden, even getting your post is potentially dangerous.  Opening a gate into a communal area comes with worries and conscious efforts not to then touch your own face.  We are so hyper aware of the danger people can be to us, or that we might be to them, and it’s pretty depressing! I even find it slightly stressful watching tv shows with lots of people standing close to each other or hugging!!

But one of the things I’ve always loved when reading though the gospels, is how Jesus was the opposite of us humans when it came to diseases and fears.  Look at how he reacts to the lepers in Luke 17 when they come up to him.  Normal men would run from fear of being infected, he doesn’t.  And not only is he not infected, but he has the power to ‘disinfect’ them.  

And this goes a step farther again with the woman who has had unstoppable bleeding for 12 years in Luke 8.  In this instance, she touches his coat, and even without him saying a word, she is healed.  It’s like he is infectiously clean.  It’s not just that he doesn’t become sick himself, he radiates clean. To touch him is to be made pure.

Life is mad right now.  And scary and uncertain.  So isn’t it such a relief to know that the King we serve and follow, is the King who once came to earth in the middle of all our sin and dirt and infection, and the King who died to forever rescue us from it all and forever put right everything that is wrong and painful and messed up in this world.

Easter this year will feel really weird and sad, since we can’t be together as church families to remember and rejoice.  But in other ways, isn’t what Jesus did at the cross even more significant this year than any other?  When have we ever been so aware of how broken our world is, and how disease and fear are beyond the control of even the most advanced nations and the smartest minds in the world. 

Yet here we have Jesus.  The man who had utter control over not only death and sickness and natures forces, but also the biggest problem man has – sin.  And he came to die so that we can be seen as perfect and spotless, not only physically one day, but spiritually now.  And who told us that he was going to prepare a perfect home for us where we can live and rest with him forever.

That’s a pretty good reason to rejoice I reckon.

And if you’d like a little help with that, particularly this week, why not check out this playlist of songs for easter time.  We can sing and rejoice remotely as God’s people, even if we can’t in person!

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