Meet the Team – Matt Dennis

Name: Matt Dennis

Church: Christ Church Fulwood, Sheffield

How have you been involved in church music ministry over the years?

I’ve been serving in music ministry since not long after I became a Christian at the age of 17. A number of years later, I was encouraged by church leaders to consider applying to be a Ministry Trainee at Christ Church Fulwood, with a specific focus on Music Ministry. This was a great opportunity to experience first-hand the highs and lows of leading a Music Ministry team, as well as planning services, organising rotas and the rehearsing and playing of music for church gatherings.In 2015, I was appointed to the position of ‘Music Minister’ at Christ Church Fulwood where I built on the things that I’d learnt as a Ministry Trainee. During this time, I continued to fulfil many of the responsibilities that I’d had as a trainee, but this time heading up the team myself and caring for them pastorally, as well as supervising my own trainee and seeing him go on to lead a Music Ministry for himself. I have recently stepped down from the role to work full time running Resound, but consider it a privilege to still serve regularly in Music Ministry at Christ Church Fulwood.

What are you particularly passionate about when it comes to church music?

I am passionate about well-chosen, biblically-rich songs that help to connect our knowledge of the Saviour with our love for Him as our Saviour. My experience as a sound engineer has also inspired a passion for working with churches across the country, training them to more skilfully operate PA systems so that they don’t distract,but better enable God’s people to behold Christ through song.

I’m also passionate about seeing new songs written for the local church. My part in that often sees me in a recording or production role and I’m particularly excited about how 3:16 Music will allow for more songwriters to be equipped to serve the church. I’m eager to see songs well recorded so that more people can be encouraged by listening to them, and equipped to teach then to their congregations using creative arrangements.

The next post I will be writing is about:

I’m not sure yet… maybe something about a new song that I’ve been involved with writing and recording… watch this space!

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