LMMC Seminars

This year, instead of lots of little seminars, the plan is to run 3 bigger seminar streams to cater for all your team. There will be two seminar time slots, and all 3 options will run in both slots.

Here is some info on the choices, so you can have a little think ahead of time about what would best suit you. There is no need to pre book.

1- Band workshop.- Andy Fenton
All bands struggle with unity, blending and working as a team, so Andy will help us to think through how to work together with the other musicians in our churches in order to best serve our congregations.
Rather than the exact same seminar running twice, the first time time slot will be for those with small bands of up to 3 people, and the second slot for those with 4+ sized groups.

2- PA workshop- Michael Morrow
Okay, so you know how to plug in a microphone, and you can tell your mute switch from your PFL, but how do you mix a band so they sound good? How can you use EQ intelligently? What can listening to recorded music teach you about mixing? How can you talk to the band in a language you both understand? This seminar is about the art of mixing and using your ears. There will be a real live band to wrangle.

3- Serving Servant-heartedly – Andrew Towner and Andy Cowan
There are many aspects of our roles as technicians and musicians that we all struggle with. At the heart of the Bible’s help for us in those situations is the call to servantheartedness. The Andrews (!) will help us as we explore that together, and the difference it makes to the aspects of our serving at church that we can find so difficult.

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