From Isaiah 26 Simon Pedley *© Copyright 2005 MMRecords

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The day is soon when God will call us
to his place of perfect peace,
with walls and ramparts of salvation;
shouts of praise will never cease!
Heaven’s gates are always open
for all those who trust in him –
he is our Lord, our Rock Eternal;
let the faithful ones come in!

He humbles all who dare oppose him,
lays their lofty cities low,
and yet we too were lost in evil,
bound in sin from long ago.
Other gods have had our worship,
Lord, it pains us to confess,
yet through our whispered prayers for mercy,
we received your righteousness.

And so my soul is always waiting,
yearning for you night and day.
I need your grace, your perfect wisdom
as I follow in your way.
All the good I have accomplished
only shows your power in me;
so fill my heart with righteous longing
till your majesty I see.

There on that day of your salvation
all the dead in Christ shall rise –
the chosen saints from every nation,
under new and glorious skies,
where at last, your peace established –
no more powers to destroy –
there’ll be a roar, like mighty oceans,
as we sing your praise with joy!