Words & Music by Scott Groom & Andy Judd  © 2016 Scott Groom/Andrew Judd (Admin by SHOUT! Music Publishing) CCLI no. 7068899

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1: Why would I dwell on the past?
Why would I hide in the dark as if I’m still in chains?
Shouldn’t my conscience be clear?
Didn’t my Saviour bleed?
His grace is enough for me

This is my right
Now I’m in Christ
Now he stands in my place
Whatever I’ve done or I’ve become
I am covered by grace
This is my only claim
Now he speaks for me
There’s no more to pay
No more to pay

2: Who will now try to accuse?
Now that I’m washed in his blood I am free indeed
Knowing my verdict to come
Nothing is left undone
My Judge is the One who rose

Once and for all
It is won
It is won now
In Jesus’ name
It is done
It is done
He made a way
I can come
I can come now
No more to pay
It is done
It is done