CCLI number: 7117761 Copyright © 2019 Dan Adams & Gareth Loh

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Come on, come in, everybody
There is a God who is worthy
Of all our praise – he alone is Lord
Come on and join with creation
Let everything shout to praise him
Glory to Christ – he’s the one who made us

Lift up your voices to heaven’s king
Bow down before his throne
Our perfect Saviour died for our sin
Praise to Jesus Christ the king

Verse 2
Come on, come in, all you weary
Come on and find rest with Jesus
He is the one who can heal your soul
Come on and join with the angels
Praising the Lamb who was faithful
Giving his life – he’s the one who saved us

Verse 3
Come on, you saints, keep believing
Gather to hear the Lord speaking
Humble your hearts, tremble at his voice
Come in with joy for the future
He will renew heaven and earth
Jesus is Lord – he’s the one who’ll raise us