Simon and Teresa Pedley *©Copyright MMRecords

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Have I trusted God in vain,
fought with sin, endured the pain,
as I watch the world enjoy its godless ‘freedom’?
As they prosper and grow strong,
taking pride in doing wrong,
how my heart is drawn to share their earthly kingdom.

And yet, O Lord, you walk with me and hold my hand,
and one day you will take me into glory.

Whom have I in Heaven but you?
And on Earth, there is nothing I desire besides you, Lord,
my flesh and heart may fail,
but you are the strength of my heart,
and you are my portion forever.

Help me, Lord, to understand
how the justice you have planned
will consume the world in terrible upheaval,
and how earthly wealth will seem
nothing but a worthless dream
when you take us home and sweep away all evil.

And now, O Lord, my refuge and my trusted guide,
please make my life a song about your glory.