From Isaiah 42, 49 & 53 Simon Pedley *© Copyright 2003 MMRecords

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Called and named before your birth,
chosen One, Jesus Christ,
given now to all the earth,
Spirit-filled, perfect light.
Bringing peace and righteousness,
freeing slaves, ending night,
honoured in the sight of God,
you’re his joy, his delight!

Servant of God Most High!
Saviour of all the earth!
We cannot reason why you came to die for us.
Shout praises to our King,
burst forth with songs of joy:
Jesus has set us free to serve him evermore!

Your appearance was so marred,
so despised, so reviled;
like a lamb led to its death,
silently, you faced the cross.
For our sin and for our guilt
you were crushed, you were killed;
all of this for God’s own will,
that by your death we might live!

Buried like a sinful man –
innocent, holy One –
God’s will prospered in your hand,
Servant King, obedient Son.
Raised as our victorious Lord,
glorified, forgiving sin,
sharing with your children now
righteousness and life in Heaven!