Meet the team – Andrew McKenna

Name: Andrew McKenna

Church: ChristChurch Banstead

Role within Music Ministry : teaching and training, and organising online resources such as blogs, and hopefully soon, podcasts.

How have you been involved in church music ministry over the years?
I started playing music in church as a young teenager, and pretty soon was getting involved in selecting songs and leading music groups in smaller church settings. I have since worked in a mixture of small to large churches, leading church music alongside serving as a pastor. I have had the privilege of studying what the Bible says about singing in detail and being involved in teaching and training church musicians for the last 7 years or so with Music Ministry. I occasionally write new song words, tunes, and arrangements although I wish I had more time to finish them!

What are you particularly passionate about when it comes to church music?
I love the fact that God’s word, the Bible, is sufficient for us – that it contains everything we need to know for trusting him perfectly and obeying him perfectly. This includes how we are to relate to God and to one another as we sing and make music. This means that whatever trends that come and go in church music or cultural issues that we come across, we can be confident that teaching and applying God’s word faithfully to these things will help us to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ (who make music).

The next post I will be writing is about:
“Music for the church, music from the church and music facing the church: how understanding context brings clarity to our task as Christian musicians.”

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