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What is the Dwell Richly course?

The Dwell Richly course is a 5 session course designed to equip local church music teams to lead others in singing the gospel. It explores some of the key theological and practical issues around leading singing in church gatherings.


Who’s it for?

The Dwell Richly Course is written for musicians and music leaders serving in local churches. But no doubt others in our churches will find it useful too, from those who plan services to anyone who sings as part of the congregation.

How do I get started?

Register the course, plan which dates you’ll run the sessions on – use the session resources – and get going!


How do I register a course?

Click here, and you’ll be guided through the process. It takes about 2 minutes.


How does the course work?

How you engage with each session is up to you. There’s a short introductory video for every session that you might like to watch together at the start (or you could email the link for people to watch before). You might like to incorporate other elements into your time together, like times of prayer or singing. People could come having read through the session in advance, or one person could read the material. You could meet over a meal in someone’s home, or meet in you church building…it’s up to you!

How much does it cost?

The course itself is completely free. Music Ministry exists to serve you and other local churches by equipping you with resources like The Dwell Richly Course. If you feel the course has served you, then we’d love you to consider becoming a Partner with Music Ministry.