A lesson on listening

Sound Engineer. It’s a title that appeals to anyone who has ever looked at a machine covered in knobs, buttons and lights and thought, ‘I want to know how that works’. It appeals to anyone who knows the difference between a sine wave and a square wave, or who can…

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Word and Spirit

One of the very good things about working with brothers and sisters involved in church music from all over the world is that you are forced to think through theological issues carefully, so that they don’t become merely personal theological idiosyncrasies. Taking one particular stand on an area of theology…


Solo thinking part 3

Playing A Solo Instrument In A Band - Practical Basics After all that introspection, here are ten practical tips. I’m going to talk mostly about improvisation, since I’m assuming this is the area people have most questions about. What I have to say is pretty obvious, but sometimes the obvious…


Solo thinking part 2

Test Number Two: The Dum De Dum Test Several years ago I found myself cycling alone through a deeply creepy deserted country lane, hundreds of miles from home, in the dead of winter, hoping to find somewhere to stay for the night. To keep my spirits up, I decided to…


Solo thinking part 1

I’ve been asked to put down a few words about playing a solo instrument in a church band. I guess I ought to be qualified to do this, since I’ve been playing the fiddle for around quarter of a century now, in churches that have run the gamut from High…


Back to Bassics

Let's start by getting an important issue out of the way. How important is the bass really? I mean, no-one really notices the bass do they? Out of all the instruments in a band, isn't the bass the most unmemorable? Isn't the bass player the one who just stands at…


Your grace finds me- Matt Redman

Well: if you liked that, you'll like this. By which I mean if you enjoyed Matt Redman's excellent 10,000 Reasons album or are singing any of those songs in your church, small group or shower, then you'll probably want to hear his all-new live album 'Your Grace Finds Me'. Here's…


LMMC song links

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday to LMMC, we hope you had a really great time and are feeling encouraged to keep serving our amazing Saviour wherever you are! Here is the promised list of songs and links. LMMC songs


LMMC Seminars

This year, instead of lots of little seminars, the plan is to run 3 bigger seminar streams to cater for all your team. There will be two seminar time slots, and all 3 options will run in both slots. Here is some info on the choices, so you can have…


LWC 19/10/2013

For everyone at today's London Women's Convention, here are the songs we sang together and where to find them.  We hope you had a great day and are feeling encouraged!   LWC songs 2013