Theology of the Arts – Part 4

  Welcome back to our brief(ish) four-part trawl through the murky waters of art theology. We began, effectively, by asking the question: “How do we answer when we’re asked to justify art?” This demand for justification is something that artists are familiar with. It might come from parents: “Don’t you…


Theology of the Arts – Part 3

  Looking at Crutches (continued) Since we started the last two posts with a quote from a composer, I thought this time we would begin with a painter. Unfortunately I began my search amongst the sayings of Salvador Dali, and I’m still trying to recover. So instead, here’s a little…


Theology of the Arts – Part 2

  Looking at Crutches Here is how Anton Bruckner responded to his critics: “They want me to write differently. Certainly I could, but I must not. God has chosen me from thousands and given me, of all people, this talent. It is to Him that I must give account. How…


Theology of the Arts- Part 1

  The Way Things Are “I always said God was against art and I still believe it. Anything obscene or trivial is blessed in this world and has a reward – I ask for no reward – only to live and to hear my work.” Such were Edward Elgar’s words…

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Amos and Music Ministry

It’s the thing you wouldn’t ever want the Lord to say to your musicians…. 23 Away with the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps. 24 But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! (Amos 5:23-24). What if,…


Jerusalem- City Alight : song review

We've recently come across this song, and introduced it to our church the past few Sundays. It is really beautiful and worth looking at if you are doing a series on the cross, or Jesus work to bring us to the new creation, or are looking for a song for…

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BBTB 2014

Andy Fenton and a band from Music Ministry had the privilege of leading the music at this years Bible By the Beach conference in Eastbourne over the bank holiday weekend. The song lists with sheet music and YouTube links can be found below, including some of our own hymn arrangements.…

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Writing children’s memory verses

One of the great privileges of serving with children's teams on camps and conferences like Word Alive and Keswick is hearing young people sing bible verses. It is brilliant. Linked at the end of this post are 2 memory verses which you may want to have a look at, both…


LMC 2014

Andy Fenton, team leader at Music Ministry, recently led the music at the London Men's Convention in Westminster Hall.  Here is the song list with sheet music links.  LMC Songs 2014 2



Everyone's favourite topic. There's tonnes of blog posts across the internet discussing this, and as always with the internet some are much more helpful than others. Everyone has something to say, and everyone thinks they're right. But I think the discussion is less about how loud it should be, and…